Red’s Case Study


On a brisk Sunday morning in November, my wife and I dropped our son with his grandmother and went for a run through Forest Park and over Red Mountain. There wasn’t a single car on the road, not a single distraction, and when we made it to the roundabout on Argyle Road, we were met with the sound of three gas-powered blowers spewing smoke and sound into the morning air. “I can do better than that,” I thought.

I started Red’s Electric Lawn Care in 2018 because I saw a need that wasn’t being filled in Birmingham. Just about everybody who has a lawn crew complains about the sound, the noise, and the pollution of traditional equipment. And, frankly, they also complain about bad service. Gasoline powered outdoor equipment is responsible for significant carbon emissions, and no one in the city was filling that growing corner of the market.

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I spent my rural Mississippi youth cutting grass and hauling hay, and when I finished grad school in 2009 I worked for a high-end landscaping company for several years. It’s work I always loved, and when the opportunity presented itself to get back into nature and make money doing it, I jumped. All of my equipment is electric, so there’s low noise, low maintenance, and zero emissions.


After two years, I have 40 clients across Birmingham, and I can hardly keep up with the demand. Red’s is my project through and through. Every decision on the website, the logo, the social media, every advertisement, every success, every failure, and each blade of grass is touched by my hand.