Coke RFP: BW&Co.

Screen Shot 2019-08-31 at 9.59.39 PM.png

Just before FRED Communications rebranded from BW & Co., we had the opportunity to pitch our talents to the team at Coca-Cola Journey––the global-facing branch of Coke’s marketing efforts. After progressing past Round 1 of the RFP process, Coke sent a team of representatives to meet our vanishingly small team and view our offering for Round 2 of the RFP: a video.

Although we didn’t get the account, our crew put for a hero’s effort and managed to score a pretty snazzy thank-you gift in the deal including decks of vintage playing cards, peanuts for some reason and, of course, a six-pack of Coke. For a small team at a new company, making it to the second round was really an achievement, and the above video is a testament to how industrious, tenacious, and scrappy we could be.

Creative Direction: Russell Hehn and Blayne Ward
Videography and Editing: Chris Scherf
Writing: Russell Hehn
Music: Russell Hehn
Illustration: Blayne Ward


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