Ironline Case Study

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Ironline Advisors help established, lower middle market business owners reap the real benefits of a lifetime’s worth of hard work. In layman’s terms, they’re a merger’s and acquisitions advisory group, but what they do is a lot more nuanced than cutting deals.


Stan and Britton Bailey approached our team at FRED Communications in 2017 hoping to brand a new mergers & acquisitions firm from scratch. Although they’d been in the M&A space for decades, they had really carved a niche for themselves among high-earning, family owned businesses with high growth potential but who lack the means (or the interest) to take it to the next level.

In short, their clients have a hard time letting go of their businesses, even if they really want to.

Clients like that have put their entire lives into their businesses and are often in an emotional place as time time to turn over their company draws near.  They need advisors they can rely on not only for the standard advisory guidance, but who can also play the part of a therapist when the need arises.


We set out creating a brand that conveys strength and stability, professionalism and approachability. To do that, we tapped into Birmingham’s rich heritage of hard work and ingenuity and pulled out Ironline, borrowing from the imagery of the railroad and the strength of its steel.

Top to bottom, the Ironline site sums up months of our own hard work, interviews with stakeholders, and design.